Increase employee productivity
Increase employee productivity Intentoree

productivity may
get a boost of
7 to 15%


Computer time spending overview

Productivity Focused

If you are looking for an employee monitoring solution you should look other places. Productivitee is a tool only for improving the productivity of your employees.

Stay up to date

Get figures and graphics based on real facts and see how much time is spent on productive and non-productive tasks, for each of your employees.

Measure employee progress

Measure the level of productivity for each employee and show him objective information about his performance. See also, who are your top performers and what are they doing right.

Enable productivity gain

Get a current state and eliminate loss of productivity by detecting the usage of productive and non-productive programs.

Start saving money

It takes just a few minutes to install our employee productivity solution on your entire network. No servers to manage, no IT expertise required to start getting results.

Improve your team performance